TOP 5 Budget Audio Brands

Are you looking to buy audio products and are on a budget? Want to buy a pair of wireless earbuds or a soundbar and don’t want to lighten your pocket too much?

Well then we will tell you which are the Top 5 brands to consider while buying certain audio gear in India.

There are a number of brands which offer countless products in the budget price, some new some are now well established. Some offer good performance and value for money spent while some do not. Some have decent after sales service where as some are truly miserable in that aspect.

The basic things to keep in mind while choosing a certain brand over the other are:-

  • Brand name
  • After sales service
  • Price and performance ratio
  • Reviews and customer feedback
  • How well finished user interface is
  • Build quality

You may also read this headphone buying guide which goes in detail about the buying process and what to keep in mind before deciding on a particular product.

So here goes the list of Top 5 brands to consider while buying an audio product in India in budget segment.

Top 5 Budget brands for Soundbar

  1. Boat
  2. Blaupunkt
  3. Zebronics
  4. Infinity JBL
  5. Creative

Top 5 Budget brands for TWS Earbuds

  1. OnePlus
  2. Boat
  3. Oppo Earbuds
  4. Noise Audio
  5. Boult Audio

Top 5 Budget brands for Neckband Earphones

  1. Boat
  2. Infinity JBL
  3. OnePlus
  4. Oppo Earphones
  5. Samsung Earphones

Top 5 Budget brands for Headphones in India

  1. Boat Headphones
  2. Infinity JBL
  3. Tribit
  4. Boult Audio
  5. Fire-Boltt

Budget and premium headphones all come in different driver sizes. And there is a common myth that larger drivers are better however that is not true. So if you like a pair of headphones with 30mm driver do not just judge it by that and assume that the one with 40mm driver will sound better. Read more about headphone and earbuds driver here.

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