top 5 washing machines in India

Top 5 Front Load Washing Machine Brands In India

In the hustle and bustle and chaotic times of today, washing clothes and doing laundry gives a sense heightened time consumption. Subsequently a washing machine is required in every household because it not only saves time when washing clothes but also when drying them. Having said that numerous brands offer a large variety to buyers that it is a big reason for confusion. So, if you are considering purchasing a washing machine for your home, this post is for you as we will tell which are the best washing machine brands in India.

There are mainly 2 types of washing machines, (a) front load, (b) top load. In this article we will explore front load washing machines.

Front load washing machines are a bit expensive but offer superior cleaning and the biggest USP is the low water consumption and therefore saving of priceless water and costly detergent. Moreover Front load washing machines have tons of features such as water heater and fuzzy logic which together with wash programme gives the clothes a very perfect wash.

These washing machines are available starting at 6 KG capacity and go all the way upto 14 KG capacity. However for a normal small household of 2-3 a 7Kg front load washing machine is adequate. If the family is slight larger of 4 to 5 people then 8 kg front load washing machine should be selected.

The basic things to keep in mind while choosing a certain brand over the other are:-

  • Brand image
  • Product finish and quality
  • After sales service
  • Pricing of a washing machine
  • Features such as water heater
  • Performance such as max RPM
  • Reviews and customer feedback
  • How well finished user interface is
  • Build quality

We hereby present a list of Top 5 brands to consider while buying a Front Load Washing Machine In India

Top 5 Front Load Washing Machine Brands

  1. Bosch :- Bosch is a German company whose products are of high quality and superior capability. They manufacture a long list of products for households and automotive sectors to name a few. There models are well built and have superb cleaning performance. They mostly use belt drive technology and together with a stainless steel drum and upto 1400 RPM offer good overall wash. Likewise water usage is very less too.
  2. LG :- Going Across the continent is LG Electronics which is a South Korean company. Their washing machines use direct drive technology which they claim is more efficient and higher in performance. Similarly LG is known to provide a long list of features on some high end models such as Wi-Fi.
  3. Samsung :- Samsung is a company which has made inroads into almost every household in whole world, in the form of a Mobile, TV, Washing Machine and countless other products. Much alike other good brands their build quality is good and so is the motor performance. Some of the high end lifestyle models feature very good aesthetics and looks. Similarly features such as water heater and stainless steel drums is available on almost all models.
  4. IFB :- IFB is a homegrown Indian firm which makes quality appliances which rival the best. This firm was founded in 1974 in Calcutta. Their washing machines are also very well built and make some heavy duty front load washing machines. Similarly their washing machines offer fantastic value for money.
  5. Whirlpool :- Whirlpool is one of the oldest players in home appliance arena. India has been a good strong hold for whirlpool especially when it comes to washing machines. Their products are purpose built and have a good sense of durability to them. Moreover Whirlpool offers some of the best deals on front load washing machines in India.

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