best Soundbar in India

TOP 5 Soundbars in India

Soundbars add to the entertainment quotient many fold and in some cases are an absolute necessity to experience a bare minimum quality audio.

There are numerous brands selling various soundbars in varying price ranges. As is always there is no best product in a category. However there are a few which stand out in a sea of products. categorically lists those product brands so that you can easily find and buy a soundbar with best sound and price to performance ratio.

Top 5 Soundbars

Soundbars are available for as low as 1000 ₹ and can stretch well beyond 1 lakh rupees. However a large variety and available products wreak havoc in the selection process. Subsequently you could end up buying a substandard product or a not so value for money soundbar.

Soundbars are usually used to accentuate and add to the overall audio quality of the lackluster sound of LED, QLED and OLED Television sets. And in some cases it is used as a home theater solution for those who prefer an easy to install and operate setup.

Soundbars come with various configurations and feature set which takes us to the next para.

The basic things and features which are instrumental in finalizing a soundbar are:-

  • Configuration (2.1, 5.1 etc)
  • Subwoofer
  • Connectivity
  • Driver size
  • Decoding capability (Atmos, Dolby Digital, DTS etc)
  • Surround speakers
  • Wired vs wireless subwoofer
  • Installation options (wall mount)

Interestingly as a buyer we already know what we want in the soundbar and are especially sure of the price and budget we are looking to spend.

On the other hand the biggest uncertainty is what to buy, which brand to buy. For instance Sony is a bit expensive with same features as a Boat soundbar.

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This is where BEST-TOP5.COM comes in as we jotted a list of the best and Top 5 brands you can buy from in a set budget for a soundbar and still be on the right side of value for money as well as optimal performance.

Best Soundbars in 2000 price range.

  1. Boat Soundbars
  2. Blaupunkt Soundbars
  3. Zebronics Soundbars
  4. Modernista Soundbar
  5. Honeywell Soundbar

Best Soundbar in 5000 ₹ range.

  1. Zebronics Soundbar
  2. Boat Soundbar
  3. Blaupunkt Soundbar
  4. Infinity JBL Soundbars
  5. Creative Soundbar

Best Soundbar in 10000 ₹ range.

  1. Boat Soundbar
  2. JBL Soundbar
  3. LG Soundbar
  4. Zebronics Soundbars
  5. Samsung Soundbar

Best Soundbar in 20000 ₹ range.

  1. Sony Soundbar
  2. LG Soundbar
  3. Polk Soundbar
  4. Yamaha Soundbar
  5. Samsung Soundbars

That is it folks! Just go ahead and choose a soundbar in your range from the list of 5 brands and you wont be disappointed.


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