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Top 5 Soundbars Under 2000 India

Have a 32″ or 40 inch LED TV, but the sound is pathetic? Well then you need to add a soundbar. But then if you simply need cleared vocals and dialogues it is quite pointless to spend 5000 or more on a Soundbar and then not use it.

Therefore it is recommended that you buy a soundbar from the starting price range of around ₹ 2000 in India. Options from Brands such as Boat, Zebronics, Blaupunkt, F&D are available in this budget price range. We also suggest going through this fantastic list of best soundbars under 2000 rupees in India here.

Things to consider.

Even though price range is budget there are certain features in things to keep in mind before finalizing one.

  • Power output should be atleast 25 watts.
  • Do not buy a soundbar with battery, unless you need a portable device.
  • Should have AUX input at the minimum, be sure to check it.
  • Should be easy to wall mount and have a slim profile, incase you have to keep it below or infront of the TV.
  • Remote is a nice feature to have, but can do without one if your TV can control AUX out volume, if not the Soundbar must have a remote.
  • Should not have any tawdry lights facing the front, they will be distract.

While many soundbars will fit this bill and be appropriate for the job it is important to keep expectations at bay. Because these are entry level soundbars and expecting anything more than dialogue enhancement is going to a disappointment.

Following are some of the cheapest and entry level soundbar brands you can consider.

Best Soundbars in 1000-2000 price range.

  1. F&D Soundbars
  2. Blaupunkt Soundbar
  3. Boat Soundbars
  4. Zebronics Soundbars
  5. Modernista Soundbar

Why do we need a soundbar, read an interesting article here.

That is it folks! Just go ahead and choose a soundbar in your range from the list of 5 brands and you wont be disappointed.


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