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Top 5 Split AC Brands In India

India has a varied climate all the year around. However most parts experiences hot and humid weather for a majority of the year. As a result finding comfort indoors can be tricky when the weather is soaring and peaking around 50 degree Celsius. Not all Air Conditioners are made same and here we discuss and reveal the top 5 AC brands of India.

Naturally and as expected an air conditioner is consumes a lot of electricity causing your utility bills to balloon up. As a result choosing an AC wisely is all the more necessary because we don’t just want performance but also must require high efficiency.

Selection Of The Best Air Conditioner

As mentioned earlier hot and humid climate necessitates air conditioners in homes, offices, and public places and transport systems. And this is largely a big expense and a one in a decade one which is all the more reason to be spot on while selecting one. Subsequently there are numerous factors that you need to take into consideration before buying a new air conditioner be it a Split or window. Also read this superb article on Air Conditioners.

Capacity Tonnage

Cooling capacity or tonnage is one of most important decisions to take when buying a new air conditioner. Having said that the decision is usually easy as the tonnage is dependent on the room size the AC is needed for. Most bedrooms require a 1.5 Ton AC, some smaller bedrooms can do with 1 Ton AC too. Larger areas such as drawing rooms, living areas and entertainment rooms may require a larger capacity Air conditioner of 2 ton or more.

Split or Window AC

Air Conditioners are usually segregated in two types, (a) split and (b) window Air conditioner. Both type of ACs come with tonnages from 0.5 to 2.5 Tons. The basic differentiation is in the installation procedure, costs involved and location criteria. Furthermore, Split ACs are less noisy indoors, are less efficient owing to cooling losses, flexible in mounting requirements.

Efficiency ratings

Air conditioners are energy guzzling appliances. As a result choosing an AC with higher efficiency ratings mean lower consumption and consequently lower bills. The ACs are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the most efficient. Therefore buying a 5 star AC means you get most energy savings. However costs involved with buying a 5 star AC are high and are offset only if the usage of Air conditioner is high. For little usage sometimes a 3 star rated Air conditioner makes more sense.

Inverter/ Non-Inverter

Inverter ACs is the new norm for Air conditioner arena. These ACs have one big advantage, the compressor in these ACs run on DC power and the speed of the compressor can be varied. As a result there are bigger energy savings with the added bonus of minimum temperature fluctuations. However as with everything not all is rosy. In this case the repair costs on such ACs are usually high and there are dedicated PCBs (more electrical components) handling the varying of compressor speeds. hereby presents a Best Split Air Conditioner brands to consider while buying a Air conditioner in India.

Top 5 Air Conditioner Brands In India

  1. LG :- LG offers fantastic Air Conditioners which are truly solid performers. Their ACs have good warranty period and the build quality reassures us that the products are built to last, case in point being the ocean black enamel protection on the copper tubes. Some of their models feature air purifiers, Wi-Fi and heating system too. Moreover taking a note of aesthetically conscious they have a range of AC’s which have stylized decals on them.
  2. Daikin :- Daikin is a Japanese air conditioning company that has made massive inroads into the Indian market. This has been largely made possible because the products speaks quality and performance. They have a range of both inverter and non-inverter models. However their portfolio or range is limited when it comes to window ACs.
  3. Hitachi :- Hitachi is another major Japanese home appliances brand that is especially known for its high-quality air conditioners in India. They offer Window, split ACs in both Inverter and non-inverter tech. Furthermore their entire line up is elegantly designed and feels very premium and up-market.
  4. Voltas:- Voltas is a Tata company brand of home appliances and air conditioners. Its ACs are one of the most widely available, cost effective and of course powerful ones in India. They have a good collection and the price to performance ratio is a very good one. A large catalogue of models means that this brand has a AC for everyone’s needs.
  5. Carrier :- Carrier is an Multi national home appliances brand that is well know for its high performance appliances such as Air Conditioners in India. The brand strikes a chord with quality and performance conscious. Carrier focuses on one aspect and one only, performance based on efficiency. Therefore all their AC have good performance, decent efficiency. Features such as follow me mode, PM 2.5 filter are added bonuses.

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